Academy of Hope


Join our coalition of hope.


This November, we start building a Coalition of Hope: a network for people that want to be part of a joint exploration into the post-fossil good life.

Last July, we launched our new action research project: the ‘Academy of Hope’ during an interactive event in former prison De Lik in Utrecht. Part of this research project will be building a network for researchers, students, artists, policymakers, activists, professionals and others interested in learning together and exploring visions of the post-fossil good life. We invite you to join us!

Do you want to meet other practitioners, participate in a 3-day retreat and become part of the public manifestation Rural Utopia’s? Become part of our Coalition of Hope!

Go to the Coalition of Hope-page to learn more. You can also send project lead dr. Koen Wessels an email: k.r.wessels@uu.nlif you have questions.